24301-M Muirlands Blvd * Lake Forest * CA.
(949) 595-0210
*Catering Available*
LOCATIONS: (Menu's vary per location)

Sabatino's Sausage Deli & Market
24301-M Muirlands Blvd. * Lake Forest, CA. 92630
Ph: 949.595.0210 * Fx: 949.595.0215
Website: www.sabatinosdeli.com
Lake Forest Hours: Monday thru Friday 10am to 8pm
                            Saturday 9am to 8pm
                            **CLOSED SUNDAY'S & MAJOR HOLIDAYS*** (Family Time)  

Sabatino's Lido Shipyard Sausage Company
251 Shipyard Way * Newport Beach, CA. 92663
Ph: 714.723.0621 * Fx: 714.723.0721
Website: www.sabatinoschicagosausage.com
*Open 7 Days A Week*

Sabatino's Pizza & Sausage Company
406 32nd Street
Newport Beach, CA. 92663
Ph: 949.723.1930

Salvatori Sabatino Ognibene and his family first began creating wonderful gourmet sausages in Palermo, Sicily over 100 years ago.

After years of personally making and delivering their own delicious gourmet sausages and other fantastic foods , their efforts were rewarded with the opening of Sabatino’s Restaurant in Chicago.

Peter Sabatino and his son Jimmy opened the first Sabatino’s Restaurant in Newport Beach, CA. in 1991.  20 years later, Sabatino's Pizza & Sausage Company  was born on 32nd Street in Newport Beach as a quick TO-GO option. 

We are now joined by Peter's daughter Marie, her husband Al and son Joe, with another creative Sabatino's Sausage Deli & Market located in
Lake Forest, CA.   This location will feature a wide variety of Sabatino's Sausages, Imported Deli Meat, Imported Deli Cheeses, Prepared To Go Meals and a specialized Italian Market.

So what began in the hills of Palermo now comes to your home, where we hope you enjoy the passion and care that has gone into creating every delicious bite.

Knowing that you cant always believe in what you hear, read, and sometimes even see, you CAN believe in what you taste.
Salvatori Sabatino Ognibene 1864

"Knowing you can't believe what you hear, read, and sometimes even see,
you can believe what you taste."

~ Sabatino Ognibene, 1864

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